By Our Estimations!

Another exciting week is over in Year 4 and we’ve had plenty of fun getting really stuck into our learning (especially in Science, where we looked at making slime to help us classify solids and liquids!).

As we hope many adults got a chance to see, we had a visit from the Code Show on Tuesday which let the children see how British coders in the 80s were able to make all sorts of exciting computer games. We all had a blast getting a chance to play some classic games, and experience using cameras and recorders that now all fit inside our phones.

In English we have continued reading Secrets of a Sun King  as we put together all of the key techniques to help us describe an Ancient Egyptian artefact for the British Museum.

In Maths Year 4 have had plenty of fun playing games and swap shopping to help us understand how we can regroup 4 digit numbers. We have also been making our own number lines to help us with estimation problems – featuring lots of folding to find our half and quarter benchmarks!

We continue to delve into Ancient Egyptian knowledge, and this week we looked at maps of Egypt and considered just how important the River Nile might have been.

And in art the children have been learning to observe art using a collection of Van Gogh’s  paintings, considering how our emotions can be influenced by an artist.

We hope you have a lovely weekend – Year 4 Team