Mayan Maths and Medical Research!

In English this week, we have been discussing the extremely controversial topic of xenotransplantation – the transfer of an organ from one species to another.  Linked to Pig Heart Boy, we have discussed whether pig hearts should be a viable solution to the shortage of human hearts.  After conducting some thorough research, the children identified both the pros and cons, supported by relevant evidence and clear explanations.  We have discussed how to develop a point fully and will start to write our balanced arguments next week.

In maths, we looked at negative numbers and how they can be both negative and a decimal.  We then  explored rounding using a number line as well as other visual representations.  This involved starting and ending numbers and identifying the mid-point.  Children then positioned the number on the line to clearly demonstrate which way to round.

We continued in the mathematical vein in our Topic lessons where we delved into the complicated number system of the Mayans in which they used base 20.  The children were very resilient and even enjoyed solving mathematical calculations!

In science lessons this week, an in depth study of the properties of blood vessels, resulted in some impressive scientific diagrams.  Following discussions, we will further explore the composition of blood next week and even try making some!

Just a reminder that homework is set on a Friday and due the following Wednesday.  This week, we have set maths, grammar and spelling.  Please remember to read every day and note down at least 3 times in your reading record.

We wish you all a restful and fun weekend.

The Year 6 Team.