We’re Going On a Leaf Hunt!

In Phonics this week we have learnt the sounds ck, e, u and r.  We have also covered the Harder to Read/Spell words into,  t and go. We have been practising blending to read sounds in words. We have also started to segment words to hear sounds in order for writing.

In Maths this week we have focused on counting, cardinality and ordinality. We learnt different ways of counting objects for example 1-1 correspondence and moving objects into a line as they are counting. On Friday we looked at the 2D shapes triangle and rectangle. We talked about the properties of these shapes and how a rectangle differs to a square.


In PE we thought about mythical creatures and then we became fairies, dragons and unicorns . We then practised helping our fairies to fly by throwing and catching bean bags in different ways.

In Literacy we focused on the story ‘We’re Going On a Leaf Hunt’ and different signs of Autumn. At the end of the week the children then created their own version of the story. We had some amazing ideas such as We’re going on a shark hunt, a mermaid hunt, an alien hunt and jungle animal hunt. Then the children were asked to hear and write the initial sounds for each picture they drew. If your children are choosing to draw at home please encourage them to segment the sounds within words for writing. The sound mat is in the front of the yellow reading diary to support with writing and formation.