Buenas tardes!

What another busy week we have had!
Tuesday was European Languages Day and started with an assembly where lots of children bravely stood up and proudly spoke a different language to the whole school.  We all answered the register in Spanish and enjoyed a special school lunch.   Thank you to parents who cam in and spoke about their own language and where they come from.

We all went on a walk to the churchyard  to collect natural things to use for our Andy Goldsworthy sculptures that we will create in Art next week.  We found twigs, sycamore ‘helicopters’, conkers, acorns, leaves and feathers.  Again, thank you to all the parents who came with us 🙂

In English we have retold our class book ‘The Pirates Who Lived Next Door’.  We thought about the beginning, middle and end of the story and tried to add interest by using adjectives (and of course remembered our capital letters and full stops!).  If you ask your child to explain what a noun, verb and adjective is, hopefully they should be able to tell you.
In Maths we have been using the method of ‘Think 10’ to help us with addition and subtraction (e.g. 9 + 4 = 10 + 3).  We have used tens frames and cuisinaire rods to help.
In Geography we have been introduced to Mary Seacole.  We discussed all her achievements in her life and how she ignored prejudice and helped wounded solidiers.
Another well-deserved rest this weekend.  Enjoy the sunshine.
The Year 2 Team