Decimals, dissolving and dramatic history!

We are so close to finishing our book “There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom” and it is amazing to hear about the change in Bradley Chalkers. We finished off our English work on the book with some letters to Carla from Bradley, talking about how much he appreciated her and will miss her. The children worked hard to show great editing skills and really got into the style of the new Bradley.

In Maths, we have continued our work on rounding and had a look at decimal numbers. We are getting used to how they look and what the value of each digit is. This has helped us to compare and order decimals and place them on a number line. Keep up with the Maths quizzes for homework – these will help you with what we are learning in class.

Another week brings another Science experiment. This time we were seeing if we could dissolve sugar, salt and rice. We wrote a prediction and produced a labelled diagram. Next week we will continue with the experiment…

In History, the children had a think about the reformation from Henry VIII and how this affected everyday life then and now. They came up with some great points about how life was changed and also how our life is different because of the reformation.

Have a wonderful weekend in the still remarkably warm weather! See you Monday!