Division and Dissection

It has been such a busy week for us all in Year 6 with lots of stand out moments to share with you.

In maths, we have focused on multiplication and division.  When using multiplication, the children explored using both the formal written and the lattice method to see which works best for them.  Following on from a recap on the bus stop method for short division, we had a challenging lesson on the formal written method of long division.  The children worked really hard to understand the method of DMSB (Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring down) and no one gave up.  We will re-visit and practise this again throughout the year.  The maths homework this week is a real push on times tables on TTRS, really encouraging that speedy recognition and recall which will help immensely in almost all areas of the maths curriculum.

The messy Modroc came out this week so that the pupils could create their own personal hand sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley.  Despite its challenges, everyone had a great time using this medium and we are excited to show you the results when they are finished.

Undeniably, the stand out moment of the week has to be the lamb heart dissection in science. The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating this fascinating organ and most were able to find the four main chambers, identify main arteries and valves, as well as compare the thickness of the walls on either side of the heart.  It was so lovely to see the children’s enthusiastic approach to the task with some claiming it to be the best lesson ever!  Warning: Gruesome images below.


We wish you all a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team