Our Amazing Stone Age Day!


We have had an amazing day! Year 3  went back to the Stone Age and started the day with a special assembly where the children met a person from the Paleolithic period. It was actually Stevie from Historic Workshops and she introduced the children to the people of the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. Then followed a series of immersive workshops. The children became hunter gatherers and hunted a deer, a wild boar, a pheasant, a hare and a badgers. The children were able to use real bows and specially adapted arrows. Watch out, because the children were great archers! Then the children experienced cave painting using slate as their ‘canvas’ and charcoal and chalk as their ‘paint’. As if that wasn’t enough, then Year 3 were able to handle some of the artefacts in Stevie’s collection, including flint tools, animal skins, animal horns and antlers.

In the afternoon, Year 3 made their own weapons and tools in a craft workshop. The children were able to use real feathers to make the fletching for arrows and tie flint to the arrow for the arrow head. Then they investigated a collection of animal bones and thought about which animals the bones could come from, the size of the animal and what it might have eaten.

The children have enjoyed lots of new experiences and new vocabulary and we will be building on all this learning in English and History next week.

One final admin notice: please remember to keep recorders, Homework Diaries and school reading books in children’s school bags every day so they are there when the children need them. Many children did not have recorders with them this week. Thank you for your help with this.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year 3 Team