Show not tell…

This week we have been looking at how a writer can show us a character’s emotions without actually telling us how they feel. We have been spotting clues within our model text and acting out emotions ourselves to try and imagine what they feel like. Finally, we have written our own sentences using show not tell techniques, e.g. “His heart pounded against his ribs when he saw a long, winding passageway reaching further into the darkness.”

“His hand gripped the flickering candle so hard his knuckles turned white as he took the next step downstairs.”

“When he finally saw the tomb, he breathed a sigh of relief and a smile crept across his face.”

In maths we have been practising different methods to add and subtract mentally. We have been looking at ways of making it easier to add in our heads. This may include making a ten, hundred or a thousand using our ‘think’ method (also nicknamed the potato method!) or rebalancing the sum to make easier numbers to calculate e.g. 9 + 7 = 10 + 6. Hopefully, these methods will become more natural as we practice using them.

In computing sessions, we have been learning how to make shapes and change or manipulate  them in order to make shape pictures. We have learnt to resize them and rotate them.

In history we have been learning about the boy pharaoh  – Tutankhamun. We looked at sources of evidence  to find information about the discovery of his tomb and the contents of it. For homework this week, there is a fact file to create about his life.

In Science, we investigated whether gases weigh anything. We used fizzy drinks which contain carbon dioxide for our investigation. We weighed the same quantity of each type of drink, then stirred them to release all of the gas and reweighed them to see if there was a difference. In most cases there was a big difference in their mass, however, cola, which we thought would be the fizziest, showed no change, even when we repeated the experiment to check.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 4 Team,