Friday 13th…Beware of the curse…

This week has been exciting as we have considered whether the curse of the Mummy’s tomb was real or just a set of extraordinary coincidences. We have read about a mysterious set of circumstances surrounding the death of Lord Carnarvon after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Could the curse be real? For instance, at the moment of his death, all the lights went out in Cairo. His dog in London died at the same time as him and also when opening up the mummy, a lesion was found on it’s face in the exact location of the insect bite which caused the deadly infection on Lord Carnarvon! It’s not until you dig deeper to discover that in the 1920s the lights frequently went out in Cairo. Carnarvon’s dog died at 2am London time, not Cairo time and by the time they discovered the lesions on King Tut’s face, Lord Carnarvon had long since been buried. However, this has not stopped us from practising our English skills in preparation for writing our own reports on these mysterious circumstances. Watch this space!

On Tuesday, we had great excitement as we ourselves were able to see the Great Pyramids of Giza up close and explore the tomb of Nefertari during our VR experience. It was amazing to get a sense of how enormous the pyramids actually are when you are close to them. Considering they were built around 3500 years ago, it was an incredible feat of engineering. It was amazing to explore an actual tomb of a pharaoh, something we may never be able to do in real life, and look around a whole 360°! The painted hieroglyphics certainly did not look like they had been there that long! A fantastic experience for all!

In maths we have continued practising our written methods for addition and subtraction. We have used our skills in addition to work out missing digits and finding out why sums may not be correct.

In science we considered which type of chocolate would be best in a lunch box on a hot day, We melted milk, white and plain chocolate over some warm water and timed how long each took to melt.  When we looked at the results, we were surprised that white and milk took similar times to melt and the plain chocolate was much slower. It  would therefore be better to put plain chocolate in a lunch box on a warm day.

In PE we have started our gymnastics unit, working on balancing skills on our feet or back. We have also  continued to develop team work using a parachute.

In art we have studied Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting, looking at the colours used and his style of brushstrokes. We used this to create our own versions using colour mixing and his brush stroke style to create the swirls and patterns.

Have a great weekend,

Year 4 team