Pumpkin Soup!

‘Pumpkin Soup’ has been the text focus in Reception this week. We started off the week by drawing and writing story predictions. We then made a list of ingredients that we would need to make our own pumpkin soup. We followed simple instructions to chop and prepare the vegetables for the soup. Once the soup was made, we all had a taste and shared what we either enjoyed about making the soup or what we thought about the taste.

In Maths this week we continued practising subitising numbers to 4. We used our fingers to show how many we could see and then discussed how we could show that number in many different ways.  We also discussed how different things can be counted such as sounds.

In Phonics we have covered the last Phase 2 sounds h, b, f, ff, l, ll. We segmented words using our robot arms and then blended together with a clap. It would be really beneficial for all the children to practise this at home when reading or writing at home.

Reception loved becoming superheroes within our PE lesson. We pretended the colours on the parachute were different superhero capes. We played games such as colour swap, mushroom and bug in a rug.

The Reception children are currently really enjoying making junk models. Any donations such as cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and lids would be great!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception Team 🙂