VR Voyage and Stone Age Shenanigans

This week Year 3 were able to enjoy a Virtual Reality experience and voyage to the Stone Age. The children explored a cave covered in cave paintings and then they ‘walked’ around a camp, as well as meeting animals from the Stone Age… including a sabre tooth tiger! Thank you to Mr Bushell for organising this unique experience!

In English, we have been learning all about different forms of poetry including Acrostic poems and Kennings. The children wrote their own acrostic poems about Autumn and fabulous Kennings about the Stone Age! Well done Year 3!

In Maths, we are now learning about written addition and subtraction using the column method. Children have been learning to write hundreds, tens and ones in the correct columns and ALWAYS starting with the ones column to complete their additions and subtractions.

In Art, we are exploring watercolours and planning our final cave painting artwork. In R.E. we learnt about the story of sacrifice that is celebrated at Eid Al-Adha. If any Year 3 grown-ups would be willing to come and talk to the children about their own Eid celebrations then please let your class teacher know?

One final admin notice: now that the weather is colder and wetter please can you remember to bring a coat to school every day. The children go outside at break and lunchtime and they need to have a coat in school. Thank you for your help with this.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

The Year 3 Team