A Fantastic Half Term of Learning

We are very proud of Year 3. What a wonderful half term of happy learning!

In English this week, we used the alphabet to work on our dictionary skills and we researched some new words by finding them in the dictionary. Then, we used some of our new words to create a Haiku poem. The children explored the number of syllables in each word and they created some beautiful work to add to a class poetry anthology.

In Maths, we continued to practise written addition and subtraction using the column method. The children exchanged 10 tens for 10 ones and 10 hundreds for 10 tens. If you’re not sure how to practise column addition and subtraction with three digit and two digit numbers with your child, then please ask your class teacher during Soft Start.

In Science we completed our investigation of rocks and soils by thinking about the layers of soil and asking the key question: what is soil made of? At first the children thought that soil could be ‘dirt’ or ‘mud’. We discovered that there are layers of rock and organic material beneath our feet! The children worked in groups to create layers of bedrock, parent rock, subsoil, topsoil and organic material… using some special ingredients that represented the different layers.

The children looked at the different ‘ingredients’ and they identified that the whole biscuit was the solid bedrock, the large broken bourbon was the parent rock, the coco pops were the rocky subsoil and the crushed digestive was the topsoil. Finally, the green coconut was the organic layer. The children could identify that the organic layer was made from plants and animals that were once alive, or still alive and then we added a jelly worm to represent the living organisms in the soil. We now know that soil is made from organic material and rocks.


Please continue to read for 10 minutes, at least 3 times every week, over the Half Term. There will be a link to a spelling game on Google Classroom, however, there is no obligation to complete this during half term.

The spellings for Friday 3rd November will be published on Google Classroom on Monday 30th October.

P.E. Kit

After half term, please ensure that your child has jogging bottoms in their P.E. bag. The children go outside to do P.E. – even in the winter.

Christmas Cards

The children have designed beautiful, individual Christmas Cards and they are now ready to order! The children came home with order forms on Thursday, so please check their bags if you haven’t seen the order form yet. Thank you.

Have a restful and enjoyable half term everyone.

The Year 3 Team