It’s a masterpiece!

This week we have been working on planning and writing our reports about the curse (or not) of the tomb of Tutankhamun. We are using past tense as well as subordinating conjunctions to extend our sentences.

In maths we have completed our unit on formal methods and extended our knowledge to work out missing numbers from calculations as well as creating our own calculations which have no regrouping or regrouping in specific places. We have also  used our knowledge to ‘mark’ someone else’s work and figure out what went wrong. This all helps us to deepen our knowledge of the method.

We have created our own multiple choice quizzes in Science using our knowledge of states of matter. Questions may include ‘Which chocolate has the highest melting point?’ and ‘What temperature does water change from a liquid into a solid?’

In art we have worked together to create our own Van Gogh masterpiece. Each person has been given a small portion of a copy of Sunflowers (Gold Class) or Starry Night (Saffron class) and used watercolours to mix the correct colours whilst observing the patterns and brush stokes to perfectly replicate their piece of the painting. We will put them all back together and you will hardly notice the difference between ours and Van Gogh’s original!

In history we acted out the Egyptian creation story to learn  about Egyptian Gods and beliefs. Atum, the first God, who created himself by his own thoughts and sheer force of his will, went on to give birth to his son and daughter by spitting or vomiting them out! We went on to create a fact file of a god of our choice. See the pictures below.

We are very much looking forward to the first day back after half term when we will have a special Egyptian Day run by Historic Workshops. We will learn more about mummification, play Egyptian games and handle artefacts, learning about their significance as well as other exciting activities in this jam packed day of Egyptian fun. We will wear normal school uniform for this event and can’t wait to tell you more about it in our next blog.

We hope you all have a magnificent half term.

Year 4 Team