First week back!

We hope you all had a lovely half term and well done everyone for all your hard week on this first week back. We’ve started a new English unit all about a magic show that goes wrong! Please have a good think about your story and complete your homework for Wednesday so you have your story plan ready for our English lessons.

In Maths, we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills and then worked on word problems to pull all our skills together.

We have spent our time in RE learning about how to write Hebrew and making our own dreidels – we hope to finish these next week!

It has been very interesting learning more about Tudors and how they lived. The difference between the lives of the rich and the poor was incredible! There were some very…. interesting…. jobs we learnt about including a ships boy and a Tudor footballer!

Have a lovely weekend and hopefully we won’t have too much more rain!