Return to school

The Reception team are really proud of how well all of the children have returned and settled back into school.

Our text focus this week has been on ‘Stickman’. We have enjoyed reading and retelling the story using actions, pictures and words. The children all thought of a new object that Stickman could be turned into.  We then drew these and segmented the words to add labels.

In Phonics we have started learning our ‘Phase 3 sounds’ and covered the sounds j, v, w and x. The new sound mat has been stuck into your yellow reading diaries. We are now really encouraging the children to use all of the phonetic sounds that we have taught them during discovery time, for example adding labels to a model or writing a menu in the cafe. Please check the classroom phonics board to see what sounds have been covered within lessons.

In Maths this week have have focused on deepening their understanding of 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the 5 fingers on one hand. The children also began to explore ways to represent numbers to 5 using both their fingers and a die frame. On Friday we also recapped length, looking at long, longer and longest and short, shorter and shortest. 

A few reminders from the Reception team

  • Please could you put your reading book and diaries into the top coloured tray outside of the classroom everyday.
  • Please try to read with your child daily and write a comment into the yellow diary. We will change the books twice a week.
  • Please can you provide spare pants and socks in your child’s PE bag for any accidents
  • Please name all clothing including gloves and hats if you can.

Thank you for all of continued support as it makes a huge difference.

Enjoy your weekend!

The Reception Team