Week 2 – tick!

We were so grateful to have a visitor today to read Hebrew to us! It really helped us to understand a bit more about how Hebrew is written and read. Did you know….?

  • Apart from poetry, children’s books and prayer books, there are normally no vowels in Hebrew writing!
  • You read from right to left!
  • The language of Hebrew got revived!


In Maths we have been looking at squared and cubed numbers and reviewing our knowledge of multiplication using column method. Lattice method is also very useful! Next week we will be reviewing division using bus stop method – this is where knowledge of times tables comes in handy!

Next week we will be writing our Magician stories in English! Well done for creating plans for homework and keep thinking about what language you could use or what could happen in your story. Please also make sure you keep playing TTRockstars – next week is England Rocks!

Have a lovely weekend!