It was lovely to see you all for Parents’ Evening this week and celebrate in Y4’s achievements so far this term. It has been an incredibly busy week!

We have started our final version of our stories about the book ‘Journey’. We have completed a lot of prep work using adjectives, fronted adverbials and speech and now the challenge is to use all this appropriately to write a coherent story.

In maths we have been representing problems with models in order to understand the language of problem solving. We have used the information available to write problems and answer them using full workings and sentences. This should all help the children visualise the problem and to see whether the answer they have given makes sense.

As it has been anti bullying week this week, we have thought about how we can empower each other to seek help and ‘make a noise’ about bullying. We have considered what we can say to help someone else and where we can go for help and also that we will not stand for bullying in our school. To show this we have created little versions of ourselves and used speech bubbles to shout and make a noise about bullying.

We have all gone a little ‘pyramad’ this week as we have finalised our designs and started to build our pyramids. Most of us have chosen to use clay, although some people have chosen card or lolly sticks to help. In addition to this, we have been practising our ‘Build that Pyramid’ song and ‘Walk like an Egyptian for our upcoming assemblies. We will post links for these on Google Classroom. Please encourage your child to practise these songs with the choreography that we have been learning in school. It’s going to be a real treat!

We hope you have a restful weekend

Year 4 team