Dialogue, Decimals and Discussion

Another busy week in Year 6!

In English, started the week practising the skill of ‘Show, don’t tell’ to describe the feelings of a character.  We continued on with a focus on the variety of punctuation needed when writing speech and ended the week by writing an extract of a story with a balance of both dialogue and description.  This will all come in handy when we write our stories in the coming weeks.  Next week, we will begin to plan our stories by creating characters and settings. 

In maths this week, we have worked on equivalence.  Recognising the common fraction, decimal and percentage equivalents such as 1/2 , ¼, ¾ and practising methods for working out other more challenging amounts. Next week, we will revise percentages and multiplication. 

In Topic, we had a brilliant discussion about tribes in South America and found out some very interesting information about how different their lives are with little, or in some cases, no contact with the outside world.  We then put ourselves in the shoes of a tribal leader whose land is being illegally mined by prospectors.  We wrote formal letters, seeking support from neighbouring tribes to overcome the invaders and their terrifying machines. 

Thank you for the generous chocolate donations so far. Please keep them coming to raise money for the end of Year 6 celebrations. 


Topic: South America slides

Maths: FDP Equivalence Quiz

Spellings – 10 sentences

Reading x 3 


Have a great weekend everyone! 

The Year 6 Team