Imaginative potions galore!

We have had so much fun in English this week creating imaginative magic potions. The children have really enjoyed planning what they will add to theirs (including 10 drops of tiger’s blood, a green slimy snake, half a biscuit from the toilet and wriggling orange worms, to name a few!).  We are writing instructions for how to make them and will complete the ‘what you need to do’ section next week.

In Maths we have been using money and adding up the cost of two items from a shop, and for even more of a challenge have been using subtraction to work out how much money we will have left after spending some from a given amount.

In DT we followed our designs to make our moving mechanisms.  These were very successful and we are proud of how they turned out.

We have been getting into the spirit of Christmas in Music and have been practising our songs for our Christmas concert.  We will be putting a spotify link on to Google Classroom soon, so that they can be practised at home too.

Remember to keep reading and logging onto TTRockstars.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 2 Team