Year 3 Learning

This week Year 3 completed their bar charts learning for Maths and moved on to learning all about angles. We have been asking: what is an angle? We have been learning about right angles and how to find them in the world around us.

In English, we have been deepening our vocabulary and using lots of exciting new words to describe the homes of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. Instead of building homes near the woods, the little pigs constructed homes on the outskirts of the gloomy, misty woods. We are encouraging the children to use a dictionary to look up any new words that they meet and then find other words that have the same meaning.

Our Science, learning involved planning a fair test to find out whether people with the longest leg bones jump the furthest. Some children predicted that people with longer leg bones will jump further but other children thought that longer leg bones are heavy so people with shorter leg bones will jump the furthest. We will find out more next week when we carry out our fair test!

Please encourage the children to practise their music at home. The recorder concert is fast approaching and the children should practise their two songs ready for the big day!

Have a lovely weekend,

Year 3 team.