Christmas Lists!

This week in Maths we recapped measuring objects using the key vocabulary of longer, longest, shorter and shortest. We then introduced measuring objects using non-standard units such as uni-fix cubes. The children loved investigating how long objects were around the classroom. We  counted the cubes 1-1 and then compared their lengths focusing on longest and shortest. Some of the children even measured themselves!

In Phonics this week we have spent time recapping all of the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds that we have covered over the Autumn term. Our main focus has been on using our knowledge of these sounds to segment and blend words for reading and writing. The children have all become really good at using robot arms to help them when segmenting and blending.

In topic we have started to focus on the story ‘A letter to Santa’. We thought about how Santa receives all the letters that children write to him every year. We then drew and labelled our own Christmas lists.

In PE we have focused on ball skills when working with a partner. We practised rolling, bouncing, throwing and catching the balls and they key skill of accuracy.


  • Reception’s Christmas Nativity show is on Tuesday 12th December. Please make your way down to the theatre after soft start.
  • Christmas Lunch with Festive Jumpers on Wednesday 13th December.
  • The visit to the pantomime is on Thursday 14th December.
  • Please bring back school library books on Thursdays so that your child can choose a new book when we visit the library on Friday.


Have a great weekend!

The Reception Team 🙂