Do All Animals Have a Knee?

We have had another busy week! In Maths we continued our work on horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. We looked for parallel and perpendicular lines in the world around us and then we began an investigation looking at 2D shapes and the correspondence between the number of sides, vertices and internal angles. Can Year 3 remember, what did we discover in our investigation? Next week we will carry on learning about 2D shapes and their properties and learn about regular and irregular polygons.

English and Geography learning linked together this week and we wrote letters to children at a school on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. We have been learning about the physical and human features of Arran and we were able to use this knowledge to compose questions about the island. Do the children who live on Arran see lots of different wildlife? Can they go to the beach after school? Has it snowed yet this year and if it has snowed, was it very deep?  We think that Arran is very different to St Albans in some ways but similar in others. Our letters will be going to Arran next week and we hope to receive a reply or a link-up with the school before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

In Science, the children have been thinking about the human skeleton but now we had to think about animal skeletons. Does an animal skeleton look like a human skeleton? Do all animals have a skull? Do all animals have a knee? We were lucky to be able to examine the real x-rays of some animals and look for their spine, skull and any other bones. We discovered that some animals have a spine and they are called vertebrates but there are also animals without a spine and they are invertebrates. The children were able to demonstrate excellent scientific thinking and questioning.

In DT, we developed templates for our cushion designs and the children have started to cut their designs out of felt. Next week we will finish the cutting and move onto stitching using the running stitch to join the different parts of the felt cushion together.

We have recorder rehearsals on Monday 11th December, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th December, therefore please make sure the children have their recorders in their bags every day next week to ensure the final preparations for the concert run smoothly.

Have a wonderful weekend Year 3.

The Year 3 team.