Happy Clue Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you enjoyed the festive season and it’s lovely to see everyone back, fresh faced to start a new term in Year 4.

We started with a bit of a mystery! Year 4 had to search for key words in the classroom and piece them together to find out what we would be writing in English – mystery stories. We have been working all week, planning our mysteries and answering the questions: What has gone missing? What could the clues be? And how would the clue link to a culprit who would have a motive for taking the missing item?

In maths we have explored discrete and continuous data and finding the differences between which data would be appropriate for a bar graph and which is more appropriate for a line graph. We have been reading pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs, asking and answering questions about the data. We have started to produce our own data to create our own bar and line graphs.

Our geography this term is taking us on a tour of Europe. We have started to create fact files using general information about the continent, such as rivers, mountains and cities of Europe.

We have started our topic on electricity by sorting which appliances need mains electricity or batteries or both to work. We also considered  which electrical items will move, make light, sound, heat or a combination.

In art we are learning to show 3D form through sketching and shading techniques. We learnt how different parts of the pencil can be used effectively and how pressure can affect the tone of shading. We also used different techniques for shading.

In RE we are learning all about the Sikh gurdwara this half term, which will culminate in creating a cardboard box model of this in a few weeks time. Shoeboxes are excellent for this, so if you have any at home, please save them and bring them in for us. We would be very grateful.

Our FEELiT session for this week was motivated. We learnt what that looks and feels like and will be doing an activity in Soft Start based on it next week.

We wish you all a happy weekend

Year 4 team