Welcome back!

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas break!

The children have settled back into the school routine amazingly well and are already working hard in all areas of their learning.

This term we are focusing on the topic of space. Reception are already extremely enthusiastic learning about this topic and are asking lots of interesting questions which has sparked curiosity.

Our first space focused literacy book has been ‘Whatever Next!’. We have enjoyed making story predictions about where the bear’s rocket would take him. We have created story maps and then thought about the important equipment we would need to take with us if we visited the moon.  Some of the children have also chosen to role play the story within their discovery time. #

This week in Maths the children will use their perceptual subitising skills (seeing the quantity without counting) in increasingly complex arrangements, moving from dots in a line and arrangements of 2, to a focus on standard dice arrangements. For larger quantities, the children will begin to use skills of conceptual subitising, beginning to quickly see the sub-groups within these larger numbers. We are also starting to challenge the children by thinking about addition and different ways to make numbers. 

On Friday we also started to learn about money and how money is used. We looked at the properties of different coins and how we can recognise them.

In Phonics this week we  have recapped Phase 2 and 3 sounds taught last term. We have also introduced the new short ‘oo’ sound e.g. foot, book, hook. We have had a big focus on segment words for writing and formation of letters.

In PE we recapped how to keep ourselves and others safe. We then continued to practise our ball skills. For example we bent down low and stepped forwards when rolling the ball and also pointed our hands towards a a target.

We have also introduced Reception to our new school ‘Feel it’ Programme. This teaches children about how to recognise, name and manage their emotions. We will focus on one emotion each week and this week we looked at the yellow zone feelings of ‘happy’. The feeling zones will be up on the classroom doors if you would like to look at them.

Key points 

  • Many of the children are finding it challenging to form letters in the correct way. This is going to be a big push within the classrooms, however it would it be hugely beneficial for the children to also practise at home regularly. You could use the sound mats that are inside of your yellow diaries to help with the rhyming formation.
  • As you are aware we are currently learning about space and we would love to turn our role play areas into a space related role play. If anyone has any of the following items they would be greatly appreciated.

-Large black material such as bed sheets or blankets


-Twinkly battery operated lights

-Tin foil

-Old CDs

-Old computer keyboards/laptops

-Anything space related

Thank you in advance!


The Reception Team:)

    Space Rockets!
   Retelling the story of ‘Whatever Next!