Can You Make Light Bounce?

It might be freezing outside but Year 3 have been on fire, with some terrific times tables challenges! In Maths, we have used our knowledge of the 3 times table to help us to divide and answer word problems and we are now moving on to looking at the 4 times table. Don’t forget to visit Times Tables Rock Stars 3 times a week for 10 minutes, it really helps to improve recall for times tables facts.

In English, we have been learning how to punctuate speech. We have found that you need a pair of inverted commas or speech marks before a character begins talking and another pair of speech marks at the end. When you are reading, look out for speech marks and have a close look at where the speech marks show the beginning of a character talking and the end of the character talking.

In Science this week we thought about reflected light. We know that a mirror is not a light source and that light bounces off a mirror, so we tried to find out whether we could see the reflected light. First we shone a torch at a mirror but it was very difficult to see light reflecting off the mirror, it just looked brighter. We used a piece of card to narrow the torch light into a single beam of light and then we could finally see light reflecting or ‘bouncing’ off the mirror. We then found out how important reflected light is to our everyday lives. Cats eyes in the road help to keep drivers safe using reflection, reflective clothing helps to keep pedestrians safe on dark winter evenings and reflected light is even used on stickers on emergency vehicles to make sure everyone can see them clearly. Fantastic work Year 3!

In Art, the children had to carefully observe an image and look for simple shapes like rectangles, circles and triangles. Then the children had to carefully sketch the object and use their sketching techniques to add tone and texture. We were very impressed with the children’s attention to detail.

This term we are introducing a new emotional literacy programme called ‘Feel It,’ which teaches children how to recognise, name and manage their emotions. A different emotion will be discussed each week. Last week Year 3’s emotion was ‘joyful’ and this week we are thinking about feeling ‘excluded.’

Please remember that the children do need to bring their recorder to school every Tuesday for their Music lesson. When children practise at home, please can you help them to remember to put their recorder straight back in their bag? This will hopefully ensure that everyone has their recorder for the lesson.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 team.