Year 2’s amazing learning!

Here is what we’ve been up to in Year 2.  Lots of amazing learning, as you can see.

English has seen the invention of our own creatures, inspired by the Tigglewump. We have described their appearance and thought about their diet and habitat.  Next week well will be presenting our creature in a non-chronological report.  We are very good at retelling the original text with actions.

Maths – We have been using the ‘think 10’ strategy to help us when adding two digit numbers.  We have used dienes to help us and have been using written methods too.  We have been focusing on the tens and ones and know to add them separately.

Geography was really fun this week.  We compared the weather in St Albans and South America.  We were envious of the very warm temperatures in Brazil compared with our current freezing ones!   However, we did notice that they had lightening storms ahead of them, so this made us feel a little better.  We used our knowledge of the temperatures and weather and filmed ourselves in groups being weather reporters.

RE – We have explored how Hindus give thanks to their Gods and added more information to the petals of our flower. Some of us have also thought about how we give thanks to others including writing a card, giving a hug or even smiling!

Science – Microhabitats are a smaller habitat that can have different conditions to the habitat it is within. We have explored how they can be darker, wetter, cooler and even shallower. We enjoyed finding out the type of creatures that lived in a rockpool, what was your favourite microhabitat we looked at? Was it the stone or maybe it was the rotting tree.

Remember to read lots and have a go on TTRockstars.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team