Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

This week the children have been extremely creative, designing and creating their very own chocolate bars and also thinking about how to advertise them. Next week, we will focus on writing persuasive letters to Montezuma’s, telling them all about our brilliant ideas and designs.

In Maths, we have focused on problem solving, thinking about how to work backwards and how to represent a problem in a bar chart to visualise it. Please continue to practise the multiplication methods, both column and lattice method, to build fluency.

It has been really interesting to find out about the explorers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who climbed Everest and we wrote wonderful diary entries about their experience. Well done for all your great homework on mountains – it has been lovely to see the artwork and facts.

RE has also brought us learning about another Jewish festival – Sukkot. Did you know that people create Sukkahs (temporary outside huts) to celebrate and remember how the Israelites were provided for by God in the wilderness.

Have a lovely weekend (hopefully full of sunshine!) and see you on Monday!