How would you get to the moon?

In Phonics we have introduced the children to the sounds oi, ow, ear and air. We have continued to practise using all the sounds that we have learnt so far to segment and blend words for reading and writing. We have also had a big focus on the formation of all letters.

In Maths we have consolidated our understanding of the composition of 5. Composing and decomposing numbers involves the children investigating part–part–whole relations, e.g. seeing that 5 can be made of 3 and 2. The children will deepen their understanding of a ‘whole’ being made up of smaller parts through practical experience, in this case moving frogs from a log to a pool in a nursery rhyme. We then extended this by moving onto greater numbers to 10. 

In Maths we have also looked at different days of the week using the storybook ‘Jaspers Beanstalk’. After reading the children worked together to sequence and order the days of the week. 

This weeks Literacy lessons have focused on the story ‘Rocket Mole’. The teachers were very excited that non of the children had read this book before! We made story predictions, we drew and labelled a new way that the Rocket Mole could get to the moon. We then found out about famous astronauts and watched Neil Armstrong’s landing and first steps on the moon.

We have introduced the children to powder paint this week. We used pipettes to add small amounts of water to our powder paint before mixing. We discussed the texture of the powder paint when we had too much/too little water. We then learnt about the primary colours and how these can make new colours when combined.

In our new Feel It Programme we have focused on the green, low energy feeling ‘calm’.

As this week is the RSPB Big Bird Watch, we had a very exciting trip on Friday afternoon to Verulamium lake. looking for different species of bird in the local area. In groups the children were given a tick list of common land and water birds, they worked together to look out for these birds and tick them off their list.

Key Points

  • As from next Friday the children will be visiting the local church yard for some nature activities. As our  weather is very unpredictable it would be great if all the children had a pair of wellies and a waterproof coat in school.
  • Thank you again for all of our Reading and trip volunteers! We would love to see any mystery visitors e.g. to read a book, tell us about your jobs or special interests.


Enjoy your weekend!

The Reception Team