Movement, Messages and Me gusta!

Continuing our studies of World War 2, this week we looked at propaganda from the era and discussed its role in spreading important messages from the government, as well as keeping people’s spirits up in the darkest of times.  Inspired by what they had seen, the children then created their own propaganda posters. 

In Spanish lessons, the children have been learning how to express likes and dislikes and include reasons for them.  They have been saying and writing sentences such as

Me gusta la geografía porque es divertida.  I like geography because it is fun. 

This week in our Feel It session, we discussed the word ‘blissful’ and how this is a pleasant, low energy feeling.  The children shared some nice examples of when they had experienced this feeling including feeding the ducks at the park and relaxing on a lilo on holiday. 

On Thursday, 29 children proudly represented Alban City School at the Sports Hall Games athletic competition.  They competed in a large variety of events including relay and obstacle races, speed bounce, soft javelin chest push and long jump to name a few.  They did a great job of supporting each other and cheering them along. Overall we came 8th out of 14 schools in the area – our best result yet!