Trouble at the lighthouse!

This post will be going live as many of our Year 4 will be at Wembley Stadium for Young Voices, we wish them the best of luck!

This week the children have been exploring the features of quadrilaterals, and the many different styles they can be found in. Our most recent challenge was seeing if we could make 4 sided shapes that can fit specific criteria, such as a specific amount of right angles!

In science, the children were given a problem: the circuit running the lighthouse lamp has been broken, what materials could be used to plug the gap? We’ve had a lot of fun finding out which materials conduct electricity, and which insulate by plugging wooden spoons, corks and paper clips into our own circuits.

In English, we have started on our new topic which is newspapers reporting on the London Toy Fair hosted in January 2024! The children have been coming up with their own toys, and imagining what their speeches would sound like on the main stage so they could be put into a paper.

The children have made some lovely Gurdwara plans in RE, which sparked discussions about which room they feel is most important. This is all to help us in our ambitious plans to turn the Year 4 area into a Gurdwara for a day soon!

Our feeling to discuss this week was ‘irritated’. The children discussed what things can get under their skin, and what they can do to help themselves calm down when they feel this high energy feeling.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend – Year 4 Team.