9.2.24 Surprising Celts!

We’ve had a great week in Year 3 -I hope you noticed the spelling reference!

We have linked our History work to our English writing and have spent the week researching Celtic clothes, food, houses and tools.  Some of the facts about Celts were surprising. Did you know they didn’t have buttons or zips on their clothes, only brooches and belts? We have now started to write up our non chronological report all about Celts.  We’ll be finishing our reports next week. Take a look in soft start.

In Maths we are learning about fractions; what the numerator and denominator are. The numerator is the number at the top of the fraction and tells you what amount we are looking at. The denominator tells us how many parts there are altogether.

We have focused on Wellbeing this week in our assemblies. We thought about what 2 things help us feel good. We had great answers; from reading and gymnastics to being with family or our pets!

In FEELIT we have looked at the high energy pleasant feeling of being surprised –not pleasant for everyone!

We were all impressed when we practised sketching eyes and noses in Art. It was broken down into small steps for us.

Our RE was also impressive.  We have created a labelled drawing of the outside of a mosque and a diagram showing all the features on the inside of a mosque. Come and see them during soft start!