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This week Year 4 have become journalists, reporting from the recent Toy Fair in London. They used their toy inventions, which they designed for their homework and imagined that they were revealing them for the first time at the Toy Fair. We wrote headlines, sub headings and quotes  to go in our reports and used fronted adverbials, time conjunctions and past tense. There was a lot of AI style toys… is this the way our toys are heading?

In maths we have been exploring symmetry of 2D shapes, focussing on quadrilaterals and regular polygons. We noticed that regular polygons have the same numbers of lines of symmetry as the number of sides in the shape.

In geography we compared the Mediterranean city of Naples in Italy, with St Albans, looking at location, climate, landscape, tourist attractions and history. We were fascinated by the images from the city of Pompeii, which was buried under volcanic lava and ash in AD79.

We have been continuing to practise our skills in sketching figures and showing them moving. Have a look at our work!

Saffron had a fantastic time on Monday, when they were taught football skills by a coach from Tottenham Hotspur. They had fun whilst honing their skills and controlling the ball. Gold class had their session earlier this half term.

Have a lovely weekend

Year 4 team