Story time!

Firstly, a massive well done to Crimson class for their sharing assembly.  You did so well and your parents looked very proud.  We are looking forward to Scarlet class doing theirs next week.

In English this week we have been writing our own stories based on ‘Julian is a Mermaid’.  We made a plan and are focusing on writing the beginning (build up), middle (problem) and end (resolution).  The results are great and we are really focusing on our descriptive language.

In Maths we have been subtracting 2-digit numbers and having to regroup the ones.  It has been quite tricky, but we have kept practising and are becoming much more confident, using practical equipment and a written method.

In Geography we have been comparing trees that grow in the UK with those that grow in the Amazon Rainforests.  We sorted them  and discussed why different trees grow in these different climates.  We also wished that the Cacao tree grew in the UK to give us chocolate!

In Art we painted some fabulous paintings in the style of Kandinsky.

We completed our shoe box habitats in Science this week by adding in some interesting facts about animals that survive in that habitat.  Have a look at them in the classrooms during Soft Start.

Our Feelit emotion this week is PROUD and we shared things that make us feel PROUD and how we can make others proud of us too.

All the children have been reminded how to log onto TTRockstars this week, so please have a go at home, as it will really support their knowledge of the 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team