The Spinning Spectrum of Light!

Science has been the highlight of the week in Year 6. We delved further into our topic of Light and focused on the ‘spectrum of light’ where we discussed what white light is, what produces white light and the spectrum of colours that appear. When white light (light with no colour filters) is refracted using a glass prism or water, the colours bend and separate into the colours of the rainbow. Red is at the top as it bends the least and violet is at the bottom as it bends the most. We used the idea of Newton’s disc to create a spinning wheel that has the colours of the rainbow on it. When you spin it quick enough, the colours merge to a white representing white light. 

Every single person in Year 6 LOVED it. 

Over the last two weeks in English, we have been writing diary entries. We have linked these to our History unit of WW2. After learning about the evacuation that took place, we put ourselves in the shoes of the children who were evacuated and the mothers of the evacuees. Writing in their perspective gave us all a sense of sadness and allowed us to reflect on what everyone must have gone through. 

Continuing on the WW2 theme and relating to our Art topic, we will be writing a free verse poem linking colour, mood and the events that took place during this time. 

Have a great weekend!

The Year 6 team