16.2.24 Weighing jellyfish!

In our final week before the half-term break we have been as busy as ever. We have finished our nonchronological reports about the Celts including a labelled diagram of a roundhouse.

In Maths we have continued to learn about fractions by labelling a number line and reading scales. We even weighed a jellyfish!

Year 4 turned their classrooms into a Gurdwara and gave us a guided tour.  It was interesting and exciting. There were some similarities to the mosques we have been learning about. Watch this space after half-term when we turn our classrooms into a mosque and give Year 4 a guided tour!

In PSHCE we thought about how we can remember to be kind by pausing and thinking through these acrostic poems. Our favourite were: OK (O-OK, K- kind) created by Freddie, STOP (S-sorry, T-think, O -OK, P- proud) created by Rose and KIND (K-kind, I-is, N-necessary, D-daily) by Amber class.

Our FEELIT assembly focused on the feeling powerless. Everyone thought of a time they felt powerless and shared their ideas. We thought it was a low energy- unpleasant feeling . We thought about talking to someone and how  explaining our feelings might help.

Our final portraits are fantastic, they will be on display soon in both classes.

Have a wonderful , well deserved break and come back for another exciting term in Year 3,

The Year 3 team,