Algebra, Alliteration and Allies

In English this week, we have been exploring poetry and writing poems about war with links to colour.  We revised the use of poetic devices such as: similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia and personification.  We also considered the effect on the reader of rhythm and rhyme, with some even taking into account the number of syllables in a line. It was lovely to see children volunteering to read out their poems at the end of the week. 

Algebra – a much feared topic in maths – was on the agenda this week.  I think the children were surprised to see how quickly they grasped some of the basic concepts and by the end of the week were getting stuck in and solving some more challenging problems.  

Each week, we are blown away by the children’s enthusiasm when learning about World War 2.  This week was no different when discovering the diverse range of people who fought alongside the Allies to win the war.  Children researched and then presented information about incredible people who left their homes and travelled from as far as Jamaica and Sierra Leone.   

We wish everyone a restful and relaxing half term break. 

The Year 6 Team