Hair Raising Science!

We were so proud of Year 4 this week, for all the effort they put into turning both classrooms into a Gurdwara. It was really great to see them sharing their knowledge with Year 3 as they provided guided tours. They were able to talk eloquently about what each room was for and Sikh beliefs. Well done!


This week we have worked hard to create an explanation text about Granville T Woods who was an African American Inventor, who invented lots of improvements on devices we still use today such as overhead power cables for trains and enhancements for the telephone.

We have been working on decimal numbers in maths, including creating numbers with 2 decimal places and representing them in different ways.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visits from parents this week and would like to thank them for talking to us about Lunar New Year in South Korea, China and Hong Kong.

For Science this week, we had a visit from Mr Crick who demonstrated his Van de Graaff generator. We were amazed at how electrons react and could force different reactions from flying pie plates to polystyrene showers. It was certainly hair raising!

This weeks FeelIT emotion is Exhausted! So have a very restful half term!

Year 4 Team