Happy half term!

Well done to Scarlet class for performing a great sharing assembly.  You spoke so clearly and remembered all your lines. Hope everyone enjoyed it.  It was a lovely way to celebrate the term.

It is hard to believe that we are now half way through the academic year!  Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.

This week in Maths we have been finding the unknown number in word problems and presenting the information in a part/whole bar model.

Our English lessons were all about consolidation this week, thinking about sentence structure, punctuation and the past and present tense.

In RE we created a beautiful hanging of ‘Butterflies of Hope’ inspired by the ‘Peace Doves’ at the Cathedral.  We each wrote a message of ‘hope’ on a butterfly.

‘I hope that people stop putting litter in the sea.’

‘I hope that people are kind to each other and don’t hurt each other.’

‘I hope that we live in peace.’

In Geography  we found out about deforestation and the impact it has on us and animals.

Our Kandinsky inspired artwork is now complete and the results are so striking and colourful.   Year 2 have proved themselves to be very talented abstract artists.

This week our ‘FEELIT’ feeling was ‘guilty’.  We discussed what makes us feel guilty and how our body feels when we feel guilty.  We agreed that it is a low energy unpleasant feeling.

There are spellings to learn and a small homework on Google Classroom, and remember to read and have a go on TTRockstars.

It’s been a busy half term and we are all in need of a break from school, so enjoy yourselves and have a lovely week off.

Best wishes

The Year 2 Team