An Explosive Start

This half term started with an explosive bang in Year 3! We started learning all about volcanoes by taking a journey to the centre of the Earth and flying over an erupting volcano in Iceland.

In Maths, we continued learning all about fractions by investigating equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions.

In English, we read a new book, War and Peas by Michael Foreman. We did some drama, developing the characters of the two kings and then we wrote character descriptions using conjunctions.

On Wednesday, Year 3 turned their classrooms into a Mosque and we gave Year 4 a guided tour.  The children expertly shared their knowledge of the main features of a mosque with their Year 4 friends. Now Year 3 are excited and ready to visit the Islamic centre next week.

In Science, we learned about forces and investigated the simple forces push and pull, as part of our new topic of Forces and Magnets.

Our FEELIT assembly focused on feeling understood.

Next week is jam-packed with our visit to the Islamic Centre, World Book Day and Careers Day!

Have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 3 team.