And your decimal point is…

We hope you have all had a good half term.

We have started this week by looking at the book called ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne as inspiration for our emotive poetry unit. We noticed in the book that the creatures who were behaving most like zoo animals were in fact the humans visiting the zoo! We also noticed that the animals in the zoo did not look particularly well cared for; their enclosures were dirty, bare, with nothing to entertain the animal and they had little food to eat. We though about how that might affect the behaviour of the animals. Next week, we will be putting all our ideas together to write our emotive poetry.

In maths, we have continued to work on decimal numbers, finding different ways to represent them, ordering decimals and estimating positions on a number line.

We have started a new unit on sounds in science and have thought about the sounds we could hear around the school and how we were able to hear them. We spoke about sound being a vibration and we will explore a little about what this means next week.

In geography we ‘visited’ Norway. We learnt about fjords and described pictures of human and physical features.

This half term in DT, we will be building up to making an omelette, so we started our unit thinking about how we stay safe in the kitchen and have designed some posters.

PE this half term is tag rugby and creating a ‘spy’ dance.

Our FEELiT emotion this week is feeling generous and we have been challenged to become more generous with our time this weekend. Perhaps Y4 could be generous by helping at home – maybe help to vacuum, tidy something away or be generous with their time in another way.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the time you have been given back with Y4 generosity!

Year 4 team