Investigations and Pirates!

It’s been a week of investigations in Year 6.  Following some revision on both multiplication and division (to 2 decimal places), children set about using their own examples to prove whether a statement was always, sometimes or never true.  They all seemed to enjoy working with the freedom to choose and work through their own examples. 

In science, following some retrieval tasks around the vocabulary of opaque, transparent and translucent, the children discussed shadows, and how they are created.  They came up with a question that we could investigate: How does the distance from the light source affect the size of the shadow? The children carried out their investigations, noting down the results.  They then recorded these in both table and graph format.  

We read the book The Pirate Cruncher in English lessons and have started considering writing techniques with a view to writing our own pirate-themed stories later in the term.

In our history lessons, we got to know Winston Churchill a bit better; considered the type of leader that he was and some of the key decisions he made during World War 2.  We listened to his famous speech ‘We shall fight on the beaches’ and then thought about questions we would like to ask him and how he might have responded. 

We are learning vocabulary about clothing in Spanish lessons and found out that Leap year in Spanish is año bisiesto.

In our Feel It session we discussed feeling compassionate – feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others – and how important this is.

Have a great weekend!

The Year 6 Team