Time flies!

Welcome back, it has been lovely to hear about all the exciting things the children have been up to over half term and how they are ready to learn even more this half term.

Time flies when you’re having fun and it really is flying in Year 2, especially as we have been practising telling the time in Maths this week.  We have focused on o’clock, quarter past and to and half past the hour, but have started to think about the 5 minute intervals too.  Keep looking at the clock at home as we still need lots of practice.

In English we are planning a non-chronological report, and are using the same structure as our report on the Tigglewump, with an introduction, subheadings and captions for pictures.

In Science we are continuing to explore living things and their habitats and focused today on classifying living things found in a habitat. The children then designed their own tyre allotments drawing and labelling living things best suited to this type of habitat as well as the conditions needed for them to survive.

Our new History topic is ‘The Story of Alban’, which is will be great for local information, and we hope to visit the Cathedral soon.  This week, we sequenced the events in the story.  We are all very interested to work out where Holywell Hill is, so if you are passing, please point it out!

In DT this term we will be doing some cooking and this week we started by making pancakes (albeit a little late!).  Tasty all the same.

The feeling we discussed this week in our ‘Feel it’ session was ‘grateful’.  This is a low energy, positive feeling and we shared things that we feel grateful for, such as family, friends and our toys.

Please do the usual reading, TTRockstars, spellings and homework on Google Classroom.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team