8.3.24 Trips, talks and sharing!

What an action packed week! Our trips to the Islamic Centre went really well.  We had dry weather for our walks there and they listened carefully and asked questions.  They were fascinated by the carpet angled towards Mecca to help Muslims pray and enjoyed seeing all the features we have worked so hard to learn about. (See below for photos).

On Thursday we had World Book Day and the opportunity to dress up and share our favourite books. Finally, Careers Day, we started with two Policemen talking about their work in assembly which really interested everyone. Then we had speakers into  each class to talk about their jobs, again the children listened carefully and asked some great questions.

Of course we also continued with our learning! In English we practised our skills at making powerful word choices, punctuating speech and  using prepositions to add detail to our writing. Next week we will use these skills to write a narrative of our story War and Peas.

In Maths we have continued to work on fractions. We can now find fractions of a number using bar models to help us. Come and take a look! Also the TTRS  battle between the teachers and pupils… winners to be announced at Monday’s Assembly.

In Geography we learnt about the different parts of a volcano. Ask your children the difference between lava and magma..

In Science we planned an investigation about friction: Which surface allows a block to travel the furthest?

I hope you all have a restful weekend,

Year 3 team.