Circuits, Careers and Books books books…

World Book Day dominated this week.  We had a lovely day enjoying all things book related. Following a colourful assembly, we completed a footy / booky quiz and then the teachers went to read stories in different rooms.  The children made some brilliant bookmarks, created their own comic strips and enjoyed some time just relaxing and reading.    

In science, we have moved on to our electricity topic.  We looked at the differences between series and parallel circuits and then had an opportunity to make circuits using equipment which included bulbs and motors. 

Finally, today we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to some parent visitors talking about their chosen careers.  The children listened and asked some brilliant questions.  In Year 6 we enjoyed presentations by  Mr Batchelor, a scientist who works for GSK; Ms May, a civil servant and Mr Kwong who works in banking and finance.   

In Feel It, we discussed the feeling of being patronised which was a little tricky to understand at first (particularly for those without older siblings!)

Have a great weekend and remember the book fair will be running until Wednesday 13th March. 

The Year 6 Team