World Book Day and Careers Day

What an exciting week we have had!

We all had great fun yesterday, dressing up as either our favourite book character, or in comfy clothes to snuggle down and read a book. We listened to stories read by other teachers and heard an Indian folk tale called The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal. From this story, the tiger was trapped in a large pit, so we asked everyone to design a different (but humane) tiger trap, which the villagers could have used to solve their problem of the tiger eating all their livestock. We had some very interesting and elaborate examples!

Today has been our Careers Day and we have really enjoyed listening to parents with fascinating careers. Our morning started off with an assembly with the local police officer and PCSO, Charlie and David. We were so interested that hopefully we will be inviting them back to a have a closer look at what they do. We can’t wait!

We have been working very hard on preparations for writing our emotive poetry and we have noticed everyone has really stepped up in their use of vocabulary to describe the plight of their creatures. We have learnt more about similes, metaphors and personification and have been practising writing a few examples. E.g. – ‘The cage walls closed in.’ ‘The bare walls stared deep into the soul of the orangutan.’ ‘The lush grass on the other side of the cage teased the tiger.’

In maths we have continued to work on our decimals, estimating their position on a number line and rounding them to the nearest whole number.

We used our scientific observation skills to learn what happens when you make a sound. We watched cubes vibrate on a drum skin and were surprised when a tuning fork, which had been hit on the table splashed water at our faces when it had been submerged!

We have been preparing information for a miniature tourist brochure about Naples or Bergen in geography to gather all the interesting facts we have learn about these two locations.

We hope you have a great weekend,

Year 4 Team.