Mary Anning the fossil hunter…

Good Morning,

Our history topic this week has been combined with our English . We have read about the life and work of the palaeontologist Mary Anning in the book Stone Girl, Bone Girl by Laurence Anholt.  In English, the children discussed the meaning of new vocabulary, role played the main events in her life and created a story map. We then wrote a non chronological fact file about Mary Anning. In History, we have taken a closer look at her work and how her discoveries have had a significant impact on our understanding of the life. The children also designed and created their own fossil using clay.


In Maths, the children have been practising their 2, 5 and 10 times tables using a variety of maths resources, songs and activities. We are pleased to see that so many children know them by rote, we are now encouraging them to be able to use them to work out multiplication number sentences e.g. 3 x 5. The children created handprint pictures and then counted in 5s.

In Science this week, we have been creating ramps to see how far a hard boiled egg can travel using them. We have been experimenting with materials to decide which material would help the egg travel the furthest.

Spellings for next week are:

  1. water
  2. people
  3. meerkat
  4. sphere
  5. snooze
  6. station 


As part of our  Feelit programme, we have looked at how ‘KEEN and BORED’ might look like and how it makes us feel.

Have a wonderful weekend break.

The Year 1 team