It’s time for a debate!

Hope you are all enjoying the slightly lighter and longer days.

In English we have started to look at narrative writing and began reading The Great Kapok Tree. This week has been spent exploring new vocabulary that we might be able to use in our own writing in the next couple of weeks and finding out about what a Kapok Tree is!  We really enjoyed debating ‘Trees must be cut to ensure there are enough homes for humans’.  We wrote arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’.   It’s safe to say that we have some budding politicians in Year 2!

In Maths we have been doubling and halving two-digit numbers by working with the tens and ones separately.  Once we got to grips with the strategy we have done really well with this.

This week in Science we explored food chains even further, focusing on key vocabulary to help describe how living things depend on each other. Starting from the producer, energy is passed through to the predator who is at the end of the food chain. Lots of discussions were had about what would happen if a link within the chain disappeared.

We have had two ‘Feel It’ sessions this week and discussed  the feelings of ‘confused’ (a high energy, unpleasant feeling) and ‘amazed’ (a high energy, pleasant feeling).

We are really looking forward to our visit to The Cathedral on Monday. Thank you to parents who have offered to walk there with us.

Have a lovely weekend.  Let’s hope we get some sunshine.

The Year 2 Team