This week has been all about getting stuck into our suspense stories. The children have used a range of suspense techniques, a mix of dialogue and description, and lots of great vocabulary to get on with their stories. Next week we will be finishing them off so make sure you all have a solution and ending in mind.

In Maths, we have been learning about how to find percentages of amounts using the bubble method. You can find a video explaining the bubble method on Google classroom. Not only have we be finding percentages of amounts, we have also been finding the original amount based on what percentage we know. Keep practising!

There was some great Science homework given in this week, with lots of interesting facts about the Sun, Earth and Moon. We put these facts to good use when creating comic strips in Science, adding lots of humour too!


Have a lovely weekend. Please try hard to learn the words to the Disney Medley for our Spring Concert! Keep reading and remember your homework diary next week!