Pirates, Percentages and Punctuation

In English lessons this week, we’ve been going over lots of questions which could come up in the grammar test.  Following this, we have finally started to write our pirate stories.  After a last few days of preparation, creating settings, characters and researching plenty of useful vocabulary, the children wrote their opening paragraphs.  So far, they have been a joy to read. We will continue next week, hoping to conclude these swashbuckling adventures on Wednesday.

Maths has been looking at the use of ratio and how to solve questions involving ratio.  We followed this up by looking at problems which involved scaling recipes according to the number of people being served.  We ended the week with some arithmetic practice (a test!) with the year group all achieving impressive scores.

The Anderson shelters are really starting to take shape now.  Using corrugated cardboard, foil, felt and even paper mache in some cases, the structures are resembling those shelters which were so important during World War 2.  Next week, we will concentrate on adding detail and decoration and will take photos of the finished projects.

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team