Poems, packed sandwiches and parents’ evening! 22/03/24

The penultimate week of the Spring term and we started work on our poems, made our sandwiches and learnt how to use the short multiplication method. I hope you all took a good look at all the wonderful work we have been doing when you came to parents’ evening.

We have loved learning about volcanoes, this week we looked at why people might choose to live by a volcano. Most of us thought we prefer living far away from a volcano!

We are writing a poem inspired by Magic Box by Kit Wright. We are working hard on making precise, exciting word choices and ensuring our presentation is the best we can do.

In Maths we have been multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. We decided we prefer the short multiplication method rather than breaking the 2 digit number into easier numbers, multiplying them and then adding them.

We all made our healthy sandwiches and designed a bag to put it in with an ingredients list. We used spreading, grating and slicing skills as we made the sandwiches and then evaluated our sandwich afterwards.

Have a restful weekend ready for our final few days before the Easter holidays,

The Year 3 team.